10 Amazing Bike Concepts That Will Make You Give Up the Car for Good

ECO :: 07

Bikes are a wonderful means of transport. Nothing makes you feel as free as the feeling of turning over the pedals as you whizz gracefully along fresh tarmac. As we all know, cycling keeps you fit, is great for the environment, and just generally makes sense. Bike design is always progressing but prepare to be amazed by some of these concepts currently being considered. We love bikes and we can’t way to get our hands on a few of these. As any keen cyclist will tell you. You can never have too many bikes!

Check these out.

1. iBike


The iBike is a wonderful concept in that it allows cyclists to charge their iPods by converting the mechanical energy exerted by the bike into usable energy for the device to run on. It also has a sleek design that makes it look exactly like an Apple product. Yep. iWant one!

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